Manage Growth and Risk with Value Based Decisions and Processes
A platform where you can quickly learn and apply quantitative methodologies, processes, and tools in order to better manage both the growth and the risk of your organization or investment.
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Quantitative Risk Management
Experience an effective Quantitative Risk Management process at scale.
Evaluate your Risk Landscape from Tactical Asset Level to Aggregated Enterprise Risk
Current Risk Analytics Image
Evaluate tactical or asset level risk scenarios
Support SEC reporting requirements by tracking the likelihood of Risk Events exceeding your materiality thresholds if happened
Automatically aggregate multiple Risk Domain analytics to an Enterprise Risk view
Capture correctly the inherent interconnectivity of your Risk Landscape
Track Risk Metrics and automate the risk analytics process
Define Risk Tolerance with the Board to drive security focus
Automatically generate a comprehensive and prioritized Risk Register
Understand and communicate easily how effective your Protective Capabilities are against Threats and Risk Events, across your Infrastructure
Enable slicing and dicing of your risk landscape to define risk focus areas
Easily prioritize Threats, Attack Surfaces, Risk Events, Business Units, Business Impacts, Threat Actors, and any combinations of these risk dimensions
Coordinate between Business and Security stakeholders and focus on what really matters
Effectively plan and evaluate Risk Mitigation Investments and their ROI
Risk Mitigation Investment Planning and Evaluation Image
Identify quickly what Attack Surfaces to protect against specific Threats or what Business Units against specific Risk Events
Identify relevant Protective Capabilities with their current strength
Estimate incremental capability improvements of investments, even if uncertain
Define resource requirements and assign ownership to each investment
Assess and communicate the ROI of any Risk Mitigation Investments
Evaluate how security cost-saving and alternative protection strategies impact your Risk and Return trade-offs
Leverage multiple metrics and prioritize your investments given the inherent uncertainty of your Risk Landscape
Allocate Resources and quantify ROI of your Risk Mitigation Strategy
Resource Allocation and Risk Mitigation Strategy evaluation
Define multiple Investment Portfolios within your organization
Capture resource constraints relevant for your investments
Drive Risk Mitigation Strategy over time with timing Investment execution
Evaluate the aggregate Risk Mitigation of your Strategy over 10-years
Communicate easily how your Strategy will address Risk Tolerance over time
Capture diminishing returns on investments
Understand if Investments offset or strengthen each other
Evaluate and negotiate Insurance Policies
Insurance Evaluation Image
Define specific Insurance Policies across your organization and Risk Landscape
Evaluate your Risk Transfer Strategy
Assess fairness of your Insurance Premiums
Evaluate local vs group insurance strategies
Evaluate how Risk Mitigation Investments impact your Risk Transfer Strategy
Support negotiations with Insurance Providers, considering your Risk Mitigation Strategy